Atheist mega ...?

Ye of No Faith

In the January 2014 issue of The Limbaugh Letter, I told you about the brand spanking new atheist “mega-churches.” 

Yes, only a few short months ago the hipster anti-God gatherings called The Sunday Assembly opened to great leftist hoopla. Riding a wave of intense media attention, the London-based movement spread to New York, Dublin, and Melbourne, attracting … dozens of souls. Pfff. It’s a mega-fizzle. And a schism. According to cnn, a huge fight broke out over the proper way to be godless. One faction didn’t approve of the way “The Sunday Assembly” met in churchlike settings and avoided the word “atheism,” so they started a breakaway group called “The Godless Revival.” Now the worried state-run media is asking, “Can Atheist Churches Last?” Yes. They’re called Ivy League schools