Lies that are believed

Lie #1: The earth has a fever – caused by people (mostly Americans) building factories, driving suvs, wasting energy.

Fact: The planet has been warming and cooling periodically since the beginning of time.

Source: Principia Scientific International

Lie #2: Apocalypse is coming! Climate models predict dramatic increases in global temperature.

Fact: To date, the computer models have been massively wrong.

Source: Prof. John Christy, University of Alabama, [UK] Daily Mail

Lie #3: This is the warmest year on record! It’s the hottest decade ever!

Fact: Actual measurements show no warming for over 18 years.

Source: Climate Depot

Lie #4: Global warming is killing the polar ice caps!

Fact: Ice caps are not shrinking; in fact, Antarctic sea ice is expanding.

Sources:, University of Oslo Department of Geoscience

Lie #5: Global warming is causing extreme weather, including massive worldwide drought!

Fact: The planet is experiencing normal variations in precipitation.

Sources: epa, Watts Up with That

From The Limbaugh Letter, July 2015