What a Wonderful Saviour

The weather forecast for today was showers and thunderstorms. At 8:30am it looked very dark and like it could rain any second.

 I decided  that if it had not rained by 12:30pm I would cut the grass. At 12:30 it was still very dark but it had not rained yet so I went out to do the grass. I asked God to let me get it done before the rain. When I was about half done with the front, I couldn't remember if I had asked to be able to get the front done or the whole thing so I started asking that I get the back done also. I had barely started the back when it started to drizzle ever so slightly, just a drop here and there. I thought about quitting because it would probably storm any minute. Then I thought that quitting would not be exercising faith, after all I had asked my heavenly Father to let me get it all DONE! So I kept going and the occasional drop continued to fall but not enough to cause concern. Then it happened. I was about half done.  The rain started coming down much harder. I thought about continuing even though I would get soaked. The thought then came that again I was not using my faith. I asked the Father to PLEASE hold the rain off for only five minutes so that I could finish. I had no sooner prayed that when the rain stopped completely until after I was done!

Praise God He even cares about the little things!