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Priorities: De Blasio immediately dispatched a (really large) crew to fix vandalized BLM mural

HeadlinePriorities: Mayor Bill De Blasio has already sent out a (really large) crew of city workers to "fix" the Black Lives Matter mural

What's Up: After vandals tossed red paint on the "Black Lives Matter" mural painted in front of Trump Tower in NYC, Mayor Bill De Blasio sent a large crew to restore the five-day-old mural to its original state.

Quote: "To whoever vandalized our mural on 5th Avenue: nice try. @NYC_DOT has already fixed it. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is more than words, and it can’t be undone.'' — DeBlasio

The First take:  You have to wonder just how little damage would have been done during the recent riots and looting in New York City had Mayor DeBlasio acted as rapidly then as he has done here. The vigor in which the Left defends a movement responsible for the death of children and Black lives is confounding.