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Priorities: De Blasio immediately dispatched a (really large) crew to fix vandalized BLM mural

HeadlinePriorities: Mayor Bill De Blasio has already sent out a (really large) crew of city workers to "fix" the Black Lives Matter mural

What's Up: After vandals tossed red paint on the "Black Lives Matter" mural painted in front of Trump Tower in NYC, Mayor Bill De Blasio sent a large crew to restore the five-day-old mural to its original state.

Quote: "To whoever vandalized our mural on 5th Avenue: nice try. @NYC_DOT has already fixed it. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is more than words, and it can’t be undone.'' — DeBlasio

The First take:  You have to wonder just how little damage would have been done during the recent riots and looting in New York City had Mayor DeBlasio acted as rapidly then as he has done here. The vigor in which the Left defends a movement responsible for the death of children and Black lives is confounding. 

Democrats want the country to fail

 “I don’t want to see these establishments opened back up … [T]he small businesses that are in direct contact with people, nail shops, beauty shops, barbershops, flower shops, these are people in touch with folks every day … and we don’t want them opened up.” — Rep. Maxine Waters (D, CA), quoted at Breitbart

How convenient for you, that while you ruin these businesses, you continue to draw a government paycheck.

From the Limbaugh Letter June 2020

Wow, great idea...

 Why do cities run by liberals all end up as homeless magnets? Portland, Oregon is demonstrating why. Their latest proposal is to “welcome” the “unhoused” (their term) — everywhere. According to abc affiliate katuNews, Portland’s Planning and Sustainability Commission is considering “mandatory rest spaces” for the homeless. As Hot Air explains, this would “change the building codes so that all new structures (including private property…) include spaces for people to ‘rest’ and ‘feel welcome and safe.’” katu reports that “some worry a change … to allow people to ‘rest’ on private property could lead to camping.” Really? Do you think?

Hot Air makes the commonsense point: “If you’re making the investment to construct a new home or business in Portland, you really don’t want to open up on day one with an invitation for a homeless encampment … literally right on your doorstep.” My advice: if you’re constructing a new home or business in Portland, sell.

From the Limbaugh Letter  February 2020

Pass the gas

Passing Gas

Even more evidence that “green energy” is bad for the planet. According to the bbc, the move from coal-fired power stations to “mixed sources of power including wind, solar, and gas” has major environmental downsides. It has led to a rise in the number of electrical switches and circuit breakers “needed to prevent serious accidents.” Turns out the switchgear necessary to avoid electrical overloads and fires in power stations due to the increased use of green energy requires huge amounts of a synthetic greenhouse gas: sulfur hexafluoride, or sf6.

Greenies should be turning red, because sf6 just happens to have the highest global warming potential of any known substance — 23,500 times greater than co2. Oops. A study from the University of Cardiff found that the impact of sf6 used in Europe in 2017 alone equaled the emissions from 1.3 million extra cars on the road. And the gas remains in the atmosphere for at least 1,000 years. Blame gasbags like Algore flying around the world in private jets, raking in the greenbacks.

From the Limbaugh Letter November 2019


 The Washington Post’s new motto — “Democracy Dies in Darkness” — isn’t a slogan; it’s a plan, and they are executing it. They’re keeping everybody in the dark for the express purposes of killing democracy.

From the Limbaugh Letter December 2019

Wow, what brilliance

 Glassy-eyed climate changers continue to invent lunatic “fixes” for the global warming hoax. According to The [uk] Daily Mail, a company called Ice911 has begun spending $5 billion on a pilot program to spread tiny silica beads over the surface of glaciers in Alaska. Why? To replace “lost reflectivity” resulting from supposedly disappearing ice.


And last… “There’s another possible reparations issue completely ignored: Blacks as well as whites live on land taken, sometimes brutally, from American Indians. Do blacks and whites owe American Indians anything?” —Walter E. Williams

From the Patriot Post.

The 13th patagraph

“White House Asked McGahn to Declare Trump Never Obstructed Justice.” — The New York Times, 5/10/19

Buried: “Reading the report, the President’s lawyers saw that Mr. Mueller left out that Mr. McGahn had told investigators that he believed the President never obstructed justice.”

From the Limbaugh Letter June 2019

Do electric cars cause ...

The Tesla was once championed as a zero-emission vehicle, the green dream car of the future. But now investors are looking green around the gills. The Ifo Institute for Economic Research, a German think tank, revealed that when battery production is included, co2 emissions from Tesla and other electric cars exceed those of diesel-powered cars. Driving a Tesla Model 3, for example, produces 156 to 181 grams of co2 per kilometer, versus 141 grams per kilometer for a Mercedes C-Class. You have to lay down some serious green to buy a Tesla ($76,000+) — yet the U.S. continues to green light tax breaks of up to $7,500 per vehicle to Tesla and other electric car makers, according to The Daily Caller.

Let’s face it, you have to be more than a little green to have believed this green fairy tale in the first place. Smug leftist elitists championed the Tesla because Elon Musk was heralded as the savior of the green tech industry, and they wanted to make others green with envy while they pretended to care about the planet. A Wall Street Journal editorial compared the study’s findings to the “false promises about corn and cellulosic ethanol.” So why on God’s green earth are we still subsidizing all this horse excrement?

From the Limbaugh Letter June 2019