Wow, great idea...

 Why do cities run by liberals all end up as homeless magnets? Portland, Oregon is demonstrating why. Their latest proposal is to “welcome” the “unhoused” (their term) — everywhere. According to abc affiliate katuNews, Portland’s Planning and Sustainability Commission is considering “mandatory rest spaces” for the homeless. As Hot Air explains, this would “change the building codes so that all new structures (including private property…) include spaces for people to ‘rest’ and ‘feel welcome and safe.’” katu reports that “some worry a change … to allow people to ‘rest’ on private property could lead to camping.” Really? Do you think?

Hot Air makes the commonsense point: “If you’re making the investment to construct a new home or business in Portland, you really don’t want to open up on day one with an invitation for a homeless encampment … literally right on your doorstep.” My advice: if you’re constructing a new home or business in Portland, sell.

From the Limbaugh Letter  February 2020