Wow, what brilliance

 Glassy-eyed climate changers continue to invent lunatic “fixes” for the global warming hoax. According to The [uk] Daily Mail, a company called Ice911 has begun spending $5 billion on a pilot program to spread tiny silica beads over the surface of glaciers in Alaska. Why? To replace “lost reflectivity” resulting from supposedly disappearing ice.

Ice911 says their sand-like silica concoction is “a safe material.” Safe? According to the American Lung Association, workers exposed to silica dust are at risk for silicosis, a lethal lung disease. Mother Jones reports that when the Alaskan Inupiaq tribe expressed concerns about the environmental consequences of spreading glass beads, Ice911 founder Leslie Fields huffed that it’s a bigger environmental threat “to allow the ice melt to continue and not do anything about it.”

So to these wackos, the cure for global warming is pollution that can destroy your lungs. Gotcha. Inevitably, runoff containing silica beads will taint waterways and harm wildlife, requiring additional billions for ice cleanup. The U.N. supports this glass-backwards scheme, so you know it’s all about cold cash and control. Alaska should tell them to pound sand.

From From the Limbaugh Letter 12/19