Changing history

In 1802, Alexander Hamilton fiercely argued against “admit[ting] indiscriminately foreign emigrants of every description to the privileges of American citizens.” In fact, he slammed uncontrolled immigration as “an attempt to break down every [wall] which has been erected for the preservation of a national spirit and a national character.” An unchecked influx, he warned, is “the most powerful means of perverting and corrupting both.”

Fast forward to today, when perverting and corrupting America’s national spirit and national character is Mission One of the left.

On March 30, 2016, Jeffrey Seller, producer of the Broadway hit “Hamilton,” said this: “[The show] ‘Hamilton’ depicts the birth of our nation in a singular way. We will continue to cast the show with the same multicultural diversity that we have employed thus far.” Which explains his casting call for “non-white men and women” to play Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Aaron Burr. Only the villain, King George II, is played by a white male actor.

The show “Hamilton” has no clue what the real Hamilton thought, taught, believed about “multicultural diversity” — or why. But the “no-white-males-need-apply” theatrical version of America’s Founding is just the latest example of the left blatantly rewriting American history. The mission: to obliterate the distinct American culture and identity.

The Limbaugh Letter May 2016