Comprehensive crime control

As in all Democrat-run cities, violent crime has been surging in Washington, D.C. Last year, there was a 54 percent increase in homicides. So Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser decided to do something. She called in the press to announce … an anti-robbery initiative. But something inconvenient happened as she launched the anti-theft campaign: a robbery. According to wnd, a perp did a “smash-and-grab” heist of equipment inside a news crew’s vehicle — parked only 100 feet away from the mayor. Mayor Bowser remained positive, however. After the event, she tweeted, “This task force will … respond in real time to what appears to be a robbery spree in progress, and identify & arrest criminals.” Sadly, as we go to press, the robber has not yet been caught. We need comprehensive robbery control! We need to tighten the theft loophole! We need to outlaw stealing! Oh, wait.

From the March 2016 Limbaugh Letter