Glad the Pope doesn't decide

"The pope says that Donald Trump is not a Christian because Christians do not build walls. Never mind that the Vatican is surrounded by a wall, and we won't even talk about who built that wall. But that's what the pope said. Given the pope's political leanings, I'm surprised he isn't on the campaign trail for Bernie Sanders. Maybe Bernie Sanders is too far to the right for the pope."  -Rush

3 responses Anyone can walk into vatican city without a special passport to do so and the walls that exist don't enclose the entire 109 acres that the Vatican occupies aND were never meant to. Jesus did in fact teach that we are supposed to treat the least of us as how we would treat him did he not?
The title of the post is that I am glad that the Pope nor any other human determines who is a Christian.
By this standard anyone can believe anything they want and call it Christianity and never be rebuked for it. Therefore all that talk of commandments and beatitudes and various rebukings was all wrong because Christianity can't be defined in any way by anyone.