Happily Ever After

Song of Solomon 2:3
“As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste.”

Every person who is married desires to have a strong and loving relationship with their spouse. You don’t get married with hopes that your marriage will be miserable.

You marry a person with the dream of living happily ever after even though you know there will be times of struggle. Though some may think that living happily ever after is a dream, you don’t have to believe that lie because you can live happily ever after with the spouse of your dreams.

The verse above is the beginning of a lady who was married to the man of her dreams. Of course, the Book of Song of Solomon is a love story that, if followed, can help you to live happily ever after with the spouse of your dreams. In verses 1-7, five things are given that will help you to live happily ever after if you apply them to your marriage.

First, enjoy your spouse’s presence. In the verse above, this lady enjoyed sitting under the shadow of her husband; with “great delight” she enjoyed his shadow. The person you should enjoy being around the most is the person to whom you are married. Be careful that while you are in the presence of your spouse that other things don’t take you away from enjoying their presence. Sit by them and enjoy them because you never know when they will be gone.

Second, enjoy what your spouse does for you. In the verse above, the lady enjoyed the fruit of her husband. Ladies, don’t gripe about what you don’t have and enjoy what your husband provides. He works hard to give you what you have, and you must be careful not to take for granted what he provides or gripe about what you don’t have. Likewise, men, you need to be sure that you enjoy what your wife does for you. You should realize that your home is kept, your meals are provided, and your clothing is clean because of your sweet wife. Let me remind you to thank your spouse for what they do to give you what you have.

Third, enjoy being with your spouse. In verse 4, this lady went with her husband to the “banqueting house.” One way to keep a marriage strong is to go with your spouse when they go somewhere. Don’t let the inconvenience of going with them keep you from being with them. You will have a stronger relationship if you will be sure to be with them in public as much as you can. Don’t let a little inconvenience keep you from being with your spouse in public.

Fourth, enjoy your spouse’s embrace. In verse 6, this lady talks about the “embrace” of her husband. Whatever you do in your marriage, don’t ever let the embrace or touch of your spouse go by the wayside. The holding of the hands and hugging each other should be common with you and your spouse. Let your spouse be so filled with your embrace that they won’t hunger for the embrace of another.

Fifth, protect your time with your spouse. In verse 7, this lady tells the other people not to awake her spouse “till he please.” You are going to have to protect your time with each other if you want to live happily ever after. Be careful that nothing robs your time together. Let your time together with your spouse be time together and not a business meeting. You can live happily ever after if you will protect your time. Time is short; enjoy your spouse while you have them.