Keepers of the Entry

1 Chronicles 9:19
“And Shallum the son of Kore, the son of Ebiasaph, the son of Korah, and his brethren, of the house of his father, the Korahites, were over the work of the service, keepers of the gates of the tabernacle: and their fathers, being over the host of the LORD, were keepers of the entry.”

In a world when feminists push the woman-led agenda for the home and society, the Scriptures still dictate for the man to be the leader in the home. It is no wonder that our society is dysfunctional because we have left God’s order of how the home and society should be led. God has always shown through the Scriptures that the men are to be the leaders.

One of the instances where God shows that the fathers are to be the leaders is found in the verse above. This verse says, “…and their father, being over the host of the LORD, were keepers of the entry.” It wasn’t the wives who were the keepers, but the fathers. God intended for the fathers to be the ones who guarded what came in and out of the city.

If your home is going to be what it is supposed to be, the father is going to have to guard the entries of the home. Every man needs to step up and become the leader of his home. Every father needs to take ownership of his responsibilities and stop pawning them off on his wife. He needs to understand that he needs to guard the entry of the home and especially the children. There are four entries that every father needs to guard.

First, every father needs to guard the entry of friends. The friends of the family and children must be guarded so that the wrong influences don’t infiltrate the home. Bad friends have caused many homes to be destroyed and many children to go wayward. Every man needs to keep guard of who he befriends, and with whom he allows his children to be friends.

Second, every father needs to guard the entry of the eyes and ears. What you see and hear influences what you think. Be careful that what you see on the television and digital technology is not harmful to your spirituality. The music you listen to should not feed the flesh, but it should be glorifying to the LORD. Everything you watch on television should be wholesome, and when something comes across the screen that is wrong, have the backbone to turn it off.

Third, every father needs to guard the entry of spiritual influences. Be very careful whom you allow to spiritually influence your family and children. The conferences you attend, the preachers to whom you listen, and the colleges you promote eventually dictate what you and your children become. Be careful that you don’t expose your family to spiritual influences whose leanings are more towards the world than they are towards the old paths. All it takes is one spiritual influence with a charismatic personality to lead your children and family towards the world. Nothing wrong with having a good personality, but you better be sure those spiritual influences are spiritual and not worldly.

Fourth, every father needs to guard the entry of atmosphere. Whatever atmosphere you allow yourself to be in shows what sin you will allow in your presence. Your atmosphere will determine your position. Be careful that your family is always in an atmosphere where the LORD would feel at home. These four entries must be guarded with your life because your family is your life. Don’t let Satan infiltrate your family and children through these entries.