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The Left Goes Totalitarian

“He is a clown in blackface sitting on the Supreme Court … This man does not belong on the Supreme Court. He is an embarrassment. He is a disgrace to America.” — George Takei, livid at Justice Clarence Thomas for his dissent on gay marriage ruling, quoted at NewsBusters, 7/1/15

“You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.” — Zoey Tur, transgender reporter who identifies as female, enraged on live TV, putting hand on Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro’s neck after Shapiro addressed Tur as “sir” on HLN, quoted in The Washington Times, 7/17/15

“Report: IRS Used Donor Lists to Target Conservatives for Audits.” — headline, Legal Insurrection, on IRS documents obtained by Judicial Watch, 7/23/15

Something has been unleashed. The left is in full fury against anyone who dares stand in opposition. You see it around you, from the local bakery, to the photo shop, to Supreme Court justices who dissent. All dissent, in fact, must be stamped out. The mob is called out, and the left’s most vicious henchmen open up the arsenal of destruction, straight from the sewer.

Leftists have been tallying up victories, but they are not satisfied with that. It’s not enough that they beat their opponents at the ballot box or in court. In their defeat, the left’s opponents must be humiliated, crushed — and converted. And they must be taught never, ever, to dissent again.

I have been cataloguing this for years, as the left has gathered strength and power in its long, ruinous march through American institutions. And along came a seminal article that puts everything I’ve been telling you in stark terms. In “The New Totalitarians Are Here” in The Federalist, Tom Nichols, professor of national security affairs at the U.S. Naval War College, explains:

“Winning” in any normal political sense simply isn’t enough … They are not really seeking a win in the courts, or a legal solution, or a negotiated settlement … [W]hat they really want, and what they in fact demand, is that you agree with them. They want you to believe. It is not enough for these Americans to say: “I have had my day in court and prevailed.” In effect, they now add: “You do not have the right to hold a different opinion … You may not hold on to your belief as a minority view, or even as a private thought. And if you persist and still disagree, I will attack you without quarter and set others on you to deprive you of your status in your profession, of your standing in your community, and even of your livelihood.”

They’re totalitarians — they will not brook opposition. Which is why George Takei wants to erase Clarence Thomas from the Supreme Court. As I’ve often pointed out, no matter how much the left wins, they’re never happy. No matter how far their agenda advances, they’re never gratified. They are miserable as long as there are people — anyone, anywhere — who disagree. Disagreement is intolerable to them. That’s what totalitarianism is: the total elimination of dissent.

It’s not enough that Clarence Thomas’ side was defeated in the gay marriage case or in the Obamacare case. No. What mattered was that he dared express his disagreement. It’s an affront! So Justice Thomas and everyone like him will be shamed and punished until they embrace the left’s view.

Not only will you stop objecting to gay marriage; you will love it. Furthermore, you will believe that it is superior to traditional marriage. And if you don’t, the left will continue to come after you — until you actively join them.

Leftists claim they’re all about equality, tolerance, fairness. But that’s a lie. They’re about total domination. You notice the left did not even mention the justices in the majority on the gay marriage decision. They didn’t spend a second praising them. They all attacked Scalia, Thomas, Alito. They went after the dissent.

It’s relentless. Take global warming. Why are the warmists so angry? They appear to be getting everything they want. Big governments are with them. The United Nations is pushing their position. The Pope’s on their side. But they’re livid. Why? Because there are “deniers.”

You will be made to agree that mankind — American capitalism — is giving the planet a fever. You will be made to embrace the left’s doomsday scenarios. You will be made to agree that transgender rights are more important than anyone else’s. You will be made to confess that there is a male-dominated rape culture on American campi, even though it’s not true. You will be made to join the left in stopping it, even though it isn’t happening.

You will be made to agree that cops everywhere are wantonly shooting blacks everywhere, even though it’s false. You will be made to celebrate amnesty and open borders. And until you stop speaking out against them, you are in the left’s crosshairs. They will do everything to destroy you. That is the modern-day Democrat Party.

Which is how we get stories like this:

• “More than two dozen Democrats have proposed legislation that would eliminate the words ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ from federal law. Those ‘gendered terms’ would be replaced by ‘gender-neutral’ words…” — Washington Examiner, 7/9/15

• “Little Sisters of the Poor Are Told by Government Limits of Their Religion.” — headline, The New York Sun, on nuns’ legal setback in their quest to be spared Obamacare’s birth-control mandate, 7/15/15

• “House Dems just sent letter to ag [Attorney General Loretta] Lynch asking for probe into Center for Medical Progress over its sketchy Planned Parenthood videos.” — Jennifer Bendery, Huffing and Puffington Post reporter, Twitter, 7/22/15

As the left continues to attack, you see them grow angrier with each victory. There isn’t a sense of triumph — just pent-up rage, and a furious focus on the next target. Was there a wave of happiness when all the Confederate flags were pulled down? No. They are on to the next attack: the racial makeup of suburbia.

But the truth is, in all of this, the left is making a strategic mistake. They have decided that now is the time to push America full-tilt leftist, believing they can stamp out any opposition. No less than The Washington Post published their polling to the contrary, on July 22: “Liberals Have Won a Series of Victories on Social Issues. Most Americans Aren’t Thrilled About It.”

Liberals have won a string of victories on gay marriage and health care reform this year, but a new Washington Post-abcNews poll finds a large majority of Americans are unhappy with where the nation is headed on social issues. Sixty-three percent of people say they are uncomfortable with the country’s overall direction on social issues … And 65 percent say the nation is on the wrong track.

Opposition is growing. A vast majority of the American people do not come close to supporting what Planned Parenthood is doing, their horrific “baby chop shop” business, selling baby body parts harvested during abortions. That kind of cultural rot, that kind of depravity, is anathema to most Americans. I’ve grown weary of Republicans telling me, “We’ve got to stop talking about the social issues. The social issues are killing us. We’ve got to stay focused on the economy and taxes.”

Well, this Washington Post article makes clear, as I have opined, that it’s actually the left pushing social issues — and that conservatives are only being told to shut up so the left doesn’t have any opposition. The irony is, the opposing views are embraced by a majority of the American public.

I believe the left knows this, and that’s the source of their fury. I think the left realizes they’re a minority, and that any gains they’ve made are highly vulnerable. Deep down, the left recognizes that their opposition is a sleeping giant and if that sleeping giant is ever roused, then all they have gained can be swept into the dustbin of history. So be of good cheer. Their totalitarian tactics are proof that they fear us; and that they know they do not control the American people’s hearts.


From The Limbaugh Letter.   August 2015