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Bully for You

More proof of the left’s religious agenda to bully non-believers. According to The Washington Free Beacon, the National Institutes of Health [nih] is spending $107,379 studying “disgust,” trying to make the case that this human emotion must be regulated. I kid you not. Their thesis is that disgust that’s “morality based” must be stamped out, because it somehow leads to the bullying of gays and others. According to an nih studywith the creepy title, “The Development and Regulation of Moral Emotions,” Columbia University researchers surmise that “during development, individuals begin to consider actions and behaviors … to be morally wrong (e.g., homosexuality). In adults, this type of … moral condemnation is often under[pinned] by disgust, an emotion that has been linked to increased homophobic, sexist, and racist attitudes.” Calling “disgust, moral condemnation, and social rejection” a learned response, the nih wants to discover “when disgust begins to enter the moral toolbox.” For what purpose? To find out “if the emotions … can be successfully regulated.” And if tinkering with a person’s “moral toolbox” doesn’t work, what then? The left will no doubt respond with disgust, moral condemnation, and social rejection. See how this works?

From the January 2016 Limbaugh Letter