Phake nws

Drive-by ratings are crashing — in part due to their relentless Trump-bashing. So they’re responding by … cheating.

According to The Wall Street Journal,all three major broadcast networks regularly misspell the names of their lowest-rated programs — on purpose. They do this to fool the Nielsen automated reporting system. On Memorial Day, for instance, nbc retitled Nightly News “Nitely News” — so Nielsen reported it as a separate show, keeping the lower ratings from tarnishing total viewership. To keep advertising rates up, abc repeatedly submitted “Wrld News Tonite,” and cbs listed “Evening Nws” a dozen times.

“It’s a little bit of gamesmanship,” explains tv consultant Bill Carroll. “It’s a practice that happens with a wink and a nod.” Or, a wank and a nad, as the case may be. Libs are known for “hiding the decline,” but this is ridiculous. Not only do the networks create fake news, they now use fake titles to create fake ratings. All this will continue to turn their customers off — and vice versa. Rinse, repeat. I 

Limbaugh Letter November 2017