The Obama Regime has a new term for criminals: “justice-involved individuals.” And in a growing number of blue cities, justice-involved individuals are given cash to not commit crimes. Because when liberals are in charge, crime literally does pay. The Washington Postreports that Democrat-run cities are eager to copy a program in Richmond, CA which gives convicted felons up to $1,000 a month not to hold up liquor stores or break into houses. (Meanwhile good kids in the same community who attend school and don’t sell drugs get squat.) Take 21-year-old Lonnie Holmes — please. He’s been arrested for numerous violent offenses, and has done prison time. Thanks to Richmond’s “grand in your hand” program, Lonnie now spends his days tooling around in his 2015 Nissan Versa smoking weed with his homies. “So far, the attention — and money — seems to be working for Holmes,” chirps The Post. Other participants have been treated to expensive trips to London and South Africa, led by ex-con “mentors” who have unsupervised free rein over the program’s budget. Paying ransom to thugs — the new cash-for-killers program. And guess what we’ll get more of? Thugs.

From the June 2016 Limbaugh Letter