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Jay Carnie (@weknowwhatsbest) tweeted at 11:47 AM on Thu, May 08, 2014:
To save time, we will now be assigning blame using a numbering system:
1 (Bush)
2 (Tea Party)
3 (Weather)
4 (YouTube videos)
5 (Bush)


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Fred Thompson (@fredthompson) tweeted at 1:30 PM on Thu, May 08, 2014:
Asked about Benghazi, Nancy Pelosi said "why aren't we talking about something else?" Ambassador Stevens was unavailable for comment. #tcot


Who do you believe?

So, whom to believe? Obama? Gallup? News organizations? Well, in the past, Americans have relied on an authoritative source for this kind of demographic data: the U.S. Census Bureau. But there’s a wrinkle: the Census Bureau now reports to Obama. One of the first things Obama did after his Immaculation was to bring the previously “nonpartisan” Census Bureau under White House control. And in mid-April, the Census Bureau decided to overhaul its survey in its quest to document how many formerly uninsured are now insured under Obamacare. Analysts say the new questions are designed for a specific political outcome: where the Census once overstated the number of uninsured, it will now minimize them. (Merely “coincidental and unfortunate timing,” says the Regime. Uh-huh.)

This is regarding enrollment in Obamacare.  From the Limbaugh Letter.

Big spender

Big Spender

After finishing his lunch at Applebee’s in Sumter, SC, Michael Williams tried to pay his bill with a debit card. When the card was declined, Williams reached into his wallet and pulled out cash. An ordinary gesture, except for one thing: the tender he handed over was a trillion dollar bill. According to The [Columbia, SC] State,police were called to the scene, and Mr. Williams was arrested. Talk about a double standard. In South Carolina you’re turned over to the cops as a deadbeat when you use fake trillions, but in Washington you’re greeted with “Hail to the Chief.”

Limbaugh Letter


Heat Crime

Junk scientists claim that manmade global warming is responsible for snowstorms, windstorms, hurricanes, tornados, volcanoes, tsunamis, locusts, famine, drought, fire, plague, pestilence, and padlocked ski resorts.