Methodist Clergy Defy Church’s Gay Marriage Ban: ‘An Uprising Taking Place’ | Breaking news and opinion on The Blaze

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A growing number of pastors in the United Methodist Church say they’re no longer willing to obey a church rule that prohibits them from officiating at same-sex marriages, despite the potential threat of being disciplined or dismissed from the church.

For the life of me, I cannot fathom a "church" or Christian "clergy" accepting the homosexual life style. Why don't they accept the "drunkards" or the "murderers" life style? Sin is sin. These people ought to get honest and take the name "church" out of their name and the "clergy" should quit and get an honest job instead of misrepresenting Almighty God. Does any one remember Sodom and Gomorrah?

Have You Seen the Price of Gas Lately

If this administration really wants to help America advert a worse recession, then it would be wise to let America produce its own oil. The Congress should stop playing to their party loyalists and do what is best for America. Until America follows the Scriptural principles of self-dependence, then it will continue to be at the mercy of other countries who can cripple her. Mark my words, if they don’t get the gas prices under control, then this current recession will get much worse.

Great article. Please read the entire article by clicking the via link above.

How about social networks?

You need to hear this sermon. It was preached in 2006, mainly about Myspace. While Myspace is not nearly as popular as it was then, most of the young people and adults also, have moved to Facebook. The principles apply to social networking. Young folks, Wake Up!!!   Parents Wake up!!! Folks, once something is on the Internet, you cannot get it off. Don't ever post anything that you would not want your pastor, your parents, your teachers or your employer to see.

Bear in mind that Facebook frequently changes its privacy policies making more of your private info public....until you find out about it and "opt out".  Many times they have "unintentionally" sold private data and their response?  "Oops."   The founder of Facebook says "privacy no longer exists."