The poor polar bears

From Rush:

Polar Opposite

Photos of worried-looking polar bears and their cubs, apparently stranded on melting ice floes, have been very effective fundraising cons for environmentalist wackos.

The bogus message: sweet, loveable bears are facing imminent annihilation due to global warming. In fact, according to The Daily Caller, the polar bear population has reached “carrying capacity.” That is, maximum sustainable numbers. Dr. Susan Crockford of Polar Bear Science reports on two little-known peer-reviewed studies demonstrating that the bears are increasing substantially, even where sea ice is supposedly declining. Her conclusion: “Rather than being proven victims of Arctic sea ice in a ‘death spiral’ due to global warming … biologists have to admit that they cannot actually tell the difference between [population decline and] a polar bear population that is so large that it can no longer increase” because it has maxed-out the food. Crockford is thrilled about the “great news,” and can’t understand why there’s no “shouting from the rooftops.” Given that she’s exposed the global warming crowd’s most profitable fraud, those on the rooftop would more likely drop an anvil on her head.