The Mistake of Giving God First Place

Did the subject of this post get your attention? That is the title to Dr. Schaap's May 7, 2006 evening sermon. It is well worth listening to! The other three sermons of the day are also ready on our site for you. You will also find the May issue of The Voice, available for you. Enjoy P.S. Be sure to stop by Hyles Publications during May and find just the right graduation and wedding gifts. Shipping is free this month on orders over $25.00 and shipped within the U.S.A.

Two new ones!

We have just posted two new lessons in our Making Wise the Simple series! Be sure to listen to this entire series!! The music from 5/7/06 is also available for you. Enjoy!

Prepare to laugh and come under conviction!

Bro. Bob Hooker preached our Wednesday night service tonight. It was awesome and we wanted our friends on Baptist City to hear it. You will find it on our home page for the next several weeks. The 4/30/06 morning sermon will be delayed longer. The entire run was made from a master that had the evening sermon twice. A new master is being sent to the duplicater this week. We will post it as soon as we are able. Mean time, enjoy Bro. Hooker!

Sunday April 30, 2006

Hi Folks, We have most of the sermons from 4/30/06 ready for you! The tape we received of Bro. Schaap had two copies of the evening sermon rather than the morning and evening sermon. The other three sermons for the week are now available! How 'bout that, we're back on schedule! We will try to obtain the Sunday morning sermon and post it later this week.

Equipment problems

Last night while preparing the sermons for the web site, a necessary piece of equipment died. The sermons will be delayed until I am able to obtain a replacement. I hope to have things caught up by Saturday May 6th. Sorry for the delay.