Preaching and Teaching

The four sermons for the week of July 22, 2007 are now available on our site.  The next in the "Making Wise the Simple" series is also available.  Later today the music from the services of 7/29/07 will be posted for your enjoyment. Have a great Lord's Day!

Up to date!

We have just posted 3 weeks of sermons (6) by Bro. Hyles. These are classics folks, do yourself a favor and listen to all of them!  We have also made available the next installment in the "Making Wise the Simple" series.  It is also a must listen!!!

We're Back!

We had some health problems in the family that delayed our departure on vacation for a few days and then we had a wonderful vacation out in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. So, we are three weeks behind in posting sermons. Today we have made available three weeks of sermons (6) by Dr. Schaap from his first year as our Pastor. These are really gems folks! We will be working the rest of the week to get caught up with the weekly sermons by Dr. Hyles. Also included in this update is the July issue of "The Voice" for your reading enjoyment.

Preaching and Music

Hi Folks, The sermons for the week of 6/17/07 are now available on our site. The music from the services of 6/24 is also available. We leave on vacation on 6/30/07, so web updates for the next two weeks will probably not happen. If we have web access we will post some things in our blog about our trip and hopefully some great pictures also. Check the blog frequently, especially in the next two weeks!

Classic titles

Hi Friends, I have been out of town on business this week so the weekly sermon update is a little late.  They are worth the wait! Bro. Hyles was a master of unique titles. This week we feature a sermon called "The Buzzards Are Coming". This and the other three sermons for the week of June 10, 2007 are now available on our site.