What Is, Is

The sermons for 8/17/08 are now available!  To add to your reservoir of knowledge you will need in your soul winning, you must listen to "How Can I Know That There Is A God?".  A great message for your everyday living is "What is, is." If you would like to see a short video to see the crowd at Youth Conference 2008, go here: www.baptist-city.com

Lots of new material!

In addition to the four sermons for the week of 8/10/08, we have several other features for you this week.  Be sure to listen to "An Alternate Route". If you don't need it now, you will! We have added a new weekly feature, "Song of the Week".  You may read (and listen!) about it on the home page. We have also added an article about and pictures of our new Power Club Kid's Conference. Enjoy!!! www.baptist-city.com

Great Summertime Preaching!

Folks, I hope you are taking advantage of your opportunity to listen to the weekly sermons by Bro. Hyles. These are treasures and never go out of date!  This week especially listen to "Follow Not Your Conscience"!!!!   I am not downplaying  the sermons by Bro. Schaap. They are also superb. I just do not want us to loose the great wisdom and preaching of Bro. Hyles. Ideally you will listen to all four sermons each week! www.baptist-city.com