First sermons of 2007!

We have our first sermons supplied for the year 2007 available now. All four are wonderful!  Remember, we now have an entire year of sermons by Bro. Hyles and Bro. Schapp online now. Remember that when you go to the Weekly By Dr. Hyles or Dr. Schaap pages.  We are updating one week at a time on those pages, so the first sermons on the page are from 1/07/07 and the next is from 1/08/06. Next week 1/08/06 will be replaced by 1/14/07, etc. Enjoy some great preaching this week!

Up to date again!

We have 6 wonderful sermons ready for you. Four by Bro. Hyles and the next week of sermons from Bro. Schaap's first year as Pastor. They are all great.  We highly recommend that you listen to "Whatever the King Does" by Bro. Hyles.  Then file away in your mind what you have heard, you will need it some day! We also have the gigantic 16 page full color Pastors' School 2007 pamphlet available for you and a link to where you can register on line!

Just when we thought...

Just when we thought we could stay caught up, there was a problem with the masters and the re-release this week of Bro. Hyles' sermons were not delivered. We do have the next week of sermons from Bro. Schaap's first year as our Preacher up and ready for you!!