The four sermons for the week of 11/4/07 are now available on our site.  The evening sermon by each preacher are must listens!  Bro. Hyles' "Guarding the Vineyard" and Bro. Schapp's "Ten Times Better" should be required listening in your home. The morning sermons aren't bad either!

Music and More!

Our full regular Saturday update is back!  We have the music from the services of 10/28/07 and the next in the Making Wise the Simple series. It is titled Doors that open to unclean spirits. There is only one more left in the series! The last song in the music is By Bro. Bill Burr. Those of you that know and love him will want to here this. As you may know he is not in good health and has not been traveling, preaching or singing at all. Bro. Schaap told him that whenever he felt up to it and wants to sing to just come up and do it.  He did that last Sunday night. He chatted with us a little bit while he caught his breadth and then sang. You will hear it all. Enjoy! 

A Multitude of Great Preaching and Teaching!

Hi Friends, We have the sermons for the week of 10/21/07 up and waiting for you. Additionally there are 3 new lessons in the "Making Wise the Simple" series. Only 2 more to go! These are a great resource for you, please listen to them if you have anything at all to do with young people.Even if you don't you will benefit from these wonderful Bible studies by Bro. Schaap!

Eight Great Ones!

Two weeks of sermons (8!!!) are now waiting for you at  We were out of town on business last week, so we have two weeks of sermons for you this week.  One of them, "The Sandman Syndrome" by Dr. Schaap we have classified as a classic and it is on the site also on the "Classics by Dr. Schaap" page. you will enjoy it.

The Old Country

Hello Fans of Great Preaching!!! We have four amazing sermons for you for the week of 9/30/07. It would be hard to choose, but it you can only listen to one of this weeks sermons, we highly recommend "The Old Country" by Bro. Hyles. Enjoy!