Polluted People

Isaiah 47:6
“I was wroth with my people, I have polluted mine inheritance, and given them into thine hand: thou didst shew them no mercy; upon the ancient hast thou very heavily laid thy yoke.”

I have had the privilege of traveling abroad to preach in foreign countries. One of the main things that stands out in my mind about some of the countries is the poor quality of air. Many of these countries have smog that has polluted the air. In some of these countries, it is not safe to drink the water because of the pollutants that have contaminated their drinking water. It is sad that these people live have to this way.

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Turning Circumstances Around

Isaiah 37:3
“And they said unto him, Thus saith Hezekiah, This day is a day of trouble, and of rebuke, and of blasphemy: for the children are come to the birth, and there is not strength to bring forth.”

Isaiah had a knack of turning bad circumstances around. He turned his kingdom around to serving the LORD. He turned back the oppression of the king of Assyria. He also turned sickness into health. Hezekiah found that the secret to turning things around was to go to the One Who could turn things around. It wasn't that he could turn them around, but he knew the One Who could turn things around. Hezekiah knew that God was the only one who could turn things around. Whenever life dealt him bad circumstances, he quickly ran to God and asked for help. Four times Hezekiah turned to God to turn circumstance around.

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Adorning Habits of the Influential

Proverbs 25:13
“As the cold of snow in the time of harvest, so is a faithful messenger to them that send him: for he refresheth the soul of his masters.”

How you clothe a person often determines what others think of them. How you dress causes people to think of you differently. I could take one person and clothe them in dirty, wrinkled and unkempt attire, and many people will never notice them or even want to be around them. I could take the same person and put a fashionable suit on them and give them a sharp haircut, and that person will be recognized by many. It is the same person with different clothing, but their adorning makes the difference in how others recognize them.

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Bible Thoughts by Terry Hedderman

Thursday, 9/15/16  Got character flaws? Do you offend people at times? Sinful habits? In need of God’s mercy? Matt 6:15, But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. You’ve got to give in order to get.                             Deut 30:19-20, I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed shall live: that thou mayest love the Lord thy God, and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him: for he is thy life, and the length of thy days: that thou mayest dwell in the land which the Lord sward unto thy fathers...to give them. Notice the verbs and the order of them and the word “that” or “[so] that.” A choice leads to love which leads to obedience which leads to cleaving which leads to extended blessings and peace which leads to a good life.

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Don’t Become a Weakling

Isaiah 17:9
“In that day shall his strong cities be as a forsaken bough, and an uppermost branch, which they left because of the children of Israel: and there shall be desolation.”

I was sitting on the plane next to a man who used to be a professional bodybuilder, and we discussed how quickly a person loses strength. As we both talked about how often we exercise, one thing that we both concluded was how quickly you lose strength if you stop lifting weights.

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The Luckiest People in the World ​​

Ecclesiastes 9:10
“Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.”

The verse above is the answer to verse 11 which says, “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.” Solomon concluded that “time and chance”happen to those who do their best.

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Packaged Together

Song of Solomon 5:16
“His mouth is most sweet: yea, he is altogether lovely. This is my beloved, and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.”

This marriage relationship was divided into two relationships. This wife said that her husband was her “beloved,” but she also said that he was her “friend.” 

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