Bible Thoughts by Terry Hedderman

- Tuesday, 5/1/18  Genesis 13:7, And there was a strife between the herdmen of Abram's cattle and the herdmen of Lot's cattle: and the Canaanite and the Perizzite dwelled then in the land. An old outline, but when we fuss with other believers, the unsaved see it. Do you criticize your spouse or church folks? Do you cause them to do so? 


The newest leftist crime is to refer to women as “women.” According to Campus Reform, the all-female college Mount Holyoke issued a Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Studentsguide, to “promote a gender-neutral” classroom environment. Instead of referring to “Mount Holyoke women,” faculty members are instructed to use the phrase “Mount Holyoke students.” Professors are also urged to stop making statements like “We’re all women here,” or referring to “the two genders.” Folks, the point of all this is “inclusion” — yet the college excludes men. Hmm.

On the school website, the college is described as “a highly selective, nondenominational, residential, research liberal arts college for women.” An entire section of the website is devoted to the question, “Why a Women’s College?” and touts all the advantages of an all-female education. When you’re called out for calling a “woman” a “woman” at a self-described “women’s college,” Mount Holyoke has officially morphed into a clown college.

Makes you wonder what students are to be called: People Formerly Known as Women? Comrades? Lunatics? How about feminazis?

From the Limbaugh Letter May 2018

King Kong?

For 19 years, “Dobby” the gorilla — a statue inside a climbing cage — was a beloved attraction at the Community Park playground in Corsicana, TX. Until a group of 45 citizens went bananas. They demanded City Hall remove the statue because, according to, Dobby was “racially insensitive.” I kid you not. In a letter to The Corsicana Daily Sun, a resident complained, “The gorilla is a black ape confined in a [sic] unbreakable cage … it could be thought of as a metaphor for the institution of slavery.” Corsicana Mayor Don Denbow acquiesced. “[W]e have an obligation to listen to all our citizens, to determine what is offensive and not, especially in public places.” Poof! No more gorillas in his midst.

But after Dobby was banished, other citizens weighed in. Over a thousand devoted fans set up a makeshift memorial, with balloons and flowers, demanding Dobby’s return. The mayor beat a hasty retreat. Dobby was brought back, this time cageless, and painted a non-offensive light gray. “To match the monochromatic colors,” as The Daily Sun reported, of the nearby elephant statue. Because heaven forbid animal statues come in different shades. It might be insensitive.

From Limbaugh Letter May 2018