Bible Thoughts by Terry Hedderman

Tuesday, 3/5/19  Psalm 73:1, Truly God is good to Israel, even to such as are of a clean heart. This verse speaks of cause and effect. If we’re wondering about or doubting His goodness to us, before we “charge God foolishly,” we much check our hearts’ cleanliness. “Tain’t rocket science folks... 

Education gone wild

A high school in Shepherdsville, KY tried to fill the knowledge gap for the selfie generation. As reported by Wave 3 News, Bullitt Central High School seniors had an Adulting Day, to learn practical skills for real life. The school’s Family Resource & Youth Services Center organized the event, which brought in people from the community. Real-world adults taught the senior class how to change a tire, manage a credit card, cook in a dorm room, and handle finances. Police explained how to behave during traffic stops. And because these kids are, well, snowflakes, there was a speaker on how to deal with homesickness at college.

What’s sad about this, folks, is that before liberals took over education, practical-life instruction was normal fare in every school across the fruited plain. Now schools are more invested in indoctrinating kids on the politically correct pronouns for all 63 genders.

From the Limbaugh Letter March 2019


peta is up to its eggsasperating tactics again. As reported by The San Francisco Chronicle, a San Jose, CA peta billboard of an egg-faced woman included a message eggsclaiming: “Face it — you can’t claim to be a feminist and eat eggs. Eggs and dairy are a product of the abuse of females.” Apparently, eating eggs eggsploits chickens that self-identify as hens.

peta spokeschick Marissa Price eggsplained, “In this ad, we’re asking people to go vegan in solidarity with female animals who are being sexually abused.” (Which makes absolutely no sense; chickens lay eggs with or without a rooster.) In this #MeToo (#BeakToo?) era, peta says it picked San Jose because it is a city full of “strong women.” For this, eggsceptional brains not required.

From the Limbaugh Letter March 2019