Two more great sermons!

Bro. Schaap's sermons from 6/18/06 are now ready for you on our site. Our Bro. Hyles tape for the week was not delivered so we will have to play catch up later.  We will be on vacation starting 7/3, so it is possible we will not get the sermons for next week up before we leave.  If any of you are interested, check our blog ( ) while we are gone, we will try to post a little about our trip and possibly some pictures as well.  We will be heading east, we hope the flooding doesn't stop us!

This week's sermons...

We are out of town on business this week so the sermons will not be available until Friday night or Saturday. Also, my order was incorrect, I did not receive a Bro. Hyles tape.

More Great Preaching!

The four sermons from 6/11/06 are up and available on our site. As always, they are all great, but if your time is limited we recommend that you listen to both evening sermons. Bro. Schaap's message on "Why Should I Pray" is literally life changing. You will never think about prayer in the same way again. Don't let the title fool you, this is an exciting sermon.

New and Improved Mailing List!

Those of you that are on our mailing list have received or will receive in the next several days, an invitation to join our new mailing list. All that is necessary to continue receiving our emails is to click the confirmation link in the email you receive. We will be running

A little late!

We posted the next in the Making Wise The Simple series and also music from 6/11/06 on Saturday but neglected (actually forgot) to post it here! They say faulty memory is one of the three signs of getting old! (I can't remember the other two)

Special Treat!

Bro. Schaap was on vacation on June 4, 2006 and Hyles Publications supplied two Wednesday night Bible studies on the weekly tape. They are delightful and you will enjoy them!  We also have two excellent sermons by Bro. Hyles for you! These are all up and waiting for you on our site. 

Lots of Good Stuff for you this week end!

We have just made available the next two lessons in the Making Wise the Simple series! This is kind of like watching a TV series on DVD, you do not care if it is a two-parter because you have the next one to watch. These lessons are a part one and part two on How to Capture the Heart. These are great, give them a listen! The music form the services of June 4, 2006 is also available. Have a great time serving the Lord this weekend!