An expert?

"Is Obama an expert in the Constitution 'cause he taught it, ostensibly, in Chicago?  In my view, he's not an expert.  He's an expert on why he doesn't like it and would like to transform it, make end runs around it, or get rid of it. But it doesn't mean I should shut up because I wasn't there when it was written.  That's absurd!" -Rush



If you have a child or grandchild, you’re familiar with “Thomas the Tank Engine,” the gentle kid’s show featuring a fleet of talking trains.


As the world implodes, and it becomes glaringly obvious that Obama’s policies have deeply injured the American spirit, Obama appears increasingly disconnected. To a nation struggling mightily under horrific economic burdens, he brags about his “actually pretty smart policies.” He asserts: “By almost every measure, we are better off than when I took office — by almost every measure.” Almost. Except, you know, the economy, medicine, foreign policy, military strength, border security, domestic tranquility, the Constitution, and the American Dream.

From the Limbaugh Letter, August 2014

No one left behind

Obama talking about Bowe Bergdahl. 'We never leave a soldier on the battlefield, period.  We never leave a soldier on the battlefield.'  So, Mr. President, your administration did not consider the US embassy, the consulate in Benghazi a battlefield as it was burning to the ground?" -Rush

Regime once again tries to be a snake in the grass

Scrambled Regs Pushed off by IRS

The Obama administration never met a rule it didn't want to postpone. But last week, the President finally delayed something we can all agree with. Leading up to the midterm elections, most people probably mistook the IRS as the Democrats' party headquarters. From stripping conservatives' tax-exempt status to disproportionately auditing tea party donors, the tax agency has been the President's political base camp.

No hypocrisy... not

Hirsi Ali was recently invited to speak at Brandeis University, where she would receive an honorary degree. But after Hirsi Ali received the invitation, the Council on Arab Islamic Relations sent Brandeis a list of "offensive" things Hirsi Ali said about Islam. Brandeis retracted her invitation. The University called some of Hirsi Ali's opinions "inconsistent with Brandeis University's core values."

Brandeis had no problem bestowing an honorary degree on playwright Tony Kushner, who admits he has "a problem with the idea of a Jewish state." And Archbishop Desmond Tutu spoke at Brandeis despite having characterized Israel as an "apartheid state." Brandeis' tolerance of a variety of opinion, apparently, doesn't apply to those critical of Islam.

From The Elder Statement

Judicial Law Making again thwarts the voters

Raiders of a Lost Ark.

Arkansas may be "the Natural State" -- but not on marriage, if one judge gets his way. Late Friday, the South's most reliably pro-marriage state was rocked by the news that a local judge wadded up the will of 75% of voters and threw it on the progressive trash heap, where liberals hope to bury natural marriage. Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza joined the marriage circus with a ridiculous ruling that struck down Arkansas's Amendment 83, officially expanding this country's lawlessness to one of the most socially conservative states in the union.