What more do you need?

When even the Washington Post says this:

"The president will meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch Monday to discuss what actions can be taken to circumvent the Second Amendment without congressional authorization, the Washington Post reports."

Is it any wonder that people say he hates the country as founded and views himself as imperial?


"I heard the police chief of San Bernardino announcing what they discovered in the perp's house last night. And it was a list of ammunition and guns and bombs. If anybody wants to sit here and continue to try to make the case that this is 'workplace violence,' they need to be sent to a shrink." -Rush

How stupid...

"Everybody's worried about domestic terrorism, this influx of illegal immigrants, and Islamic refugees pouring into the country at the direction of the president. We've got riots and things going crazy on college campuses.  We got potentially violent protests happening all over the country. Obama is letting felons out of jail. And they now want to talk about disarming us?  How stupid are they really?" -Rush

Left goes...

The Left Goes Totalitarian

“He is a clown in blackface sitting on the Supreme Court … This man does not belong on the Supreme Court. He is an embarrassment. He is a disgrace to America.” — George Takei, livid at Justice Clarence Thomas for his dissent on gay marriage ruling, quoted at NewsBusters, 7/1/15

Unintended consequence

Clean Overkill

The relentless expansion of usda regulations to make our food supply super-clean appears to have backfired, big time. A New York Times article titled “Invite Some Germs to Dinner” points out that the American food industry is the safest in the world, but food-borne illnesses have not decreased. In fact, the number of people getting sick from pathogens and autoimmune diseases is growing. According to the “hygiene hypothesis,” over-the-top industrial food sanitation practices (ahem, mandated by the usda) have harmed our “microbiome.” A little science lingo, there — meaning all the bacteria, viruses, mites, and fungi that live in and on our bodies. Turns out, thanks to our over-clean food, our immune system is so underemployed that it attacks the body’s own tissues and overreacts to harmless substances. Which is what you get when food safety nannies run amuck — while cleaning up taxpayer money.

From The Limbaugh Letter, July 2015

It is a sad day...

"We've got an authoritarian megalomaniac ruling like a monarch.  The opposition, the Republicans more often than not just bend over.  And according to the highest court in the land, words (and therefore laws) have no meaning." -Rush


"For Obama to run around and say that he's restored America to the most respected country on earth is no different than saying he's made Baltimore the safest city on earth, and that he's lowered health care costs dramatically across the board.  This is delusional." -Rush

When did he stop?

"After all the rioting that's gone on in Baltimore this week, Obama said the first thing he wants to do when he leaves office is plant himself on a beach and start drinking out of a coconut shell. And then after that he wants to go back to community organizing, which kind of surprised me because I didn't know he ever stopped." -Rush

I agree

Here is one thing said by Jeb Bush that I can agree with...

The details remain blurry at best but one thing is clear: the idea of regulating access to the Internet with a law more that 80 years old is one of the craziest ideas I’ve ever heard.