Sunday July 23, 2006!

All four of the sermons for 7/23/06 are now available on our site.  If you are a member of our forum you will remember that members suggested both of Bro. Schaap's messages from 7/23 as answers to peoples questions.  You'll enjoy them and benefit from them also!

More coming!

Since we put so much material up during the last couple of days of last week, we are delaying the posting of this weeks sermons to give you a chance to catch up.  We plan on having the 7/16/06 sermons up on the evening of Thursday the 27th.

Great Weekend of material!

This weekend we have a lot of great material for you! Music from the services of 7/16/06 New lesson in the "Making Wise The Simple" series The missing two sermons by Bro. Hyles for the week of 6/18/06 The July issue of "The Voice". (Official puplication of First Baptist Church of Hammond)

Sermons are coming!

So much to do after being gone for a couple of weeks! We should have the sermons for 7/2/06 available by Thursday evening and be caught up with the rest by Saturday evening. Thanks for your patience!

At Last!!

We have just returned from vacation and have now made available the sermons from 6/25/06. We think you will be especially interested in Bro. Schaap's evening sermom, Mistakes of the Modern Ministry. We had expected to have the sermons fror 7/2/06 ready also, but no tapes from that week were distributed yet. We hope to get them on the 16th. Enjoy!