We are late this week with updates to the site. We will get them posted as soon as possible. Today is Wednesday and we have been without power at our house since Monday when major T-Storms rumbled through the area. The electric company will not even give estimates as to when power may be restored. That is probably good, since their estimates were without any value whatsoever.  I logged into my account at the electric company on 10/3/06 at about 4:30 in the afternoon. The website said that our power would be back on by 7:47AM on 10/3/06!

September 10, 2006

Hello Folks, We have the four sermons from 9/10/06 all ready and waiting for you at www.baptist-city.com . They are all great, but if you can only spare the time to listen to one, we recommend Bro. Hyles' "When The Standard Bearer Fainteth".  When you once again have some time, be sure to listen to all of them!

Big Weekend Update!

We have a lot for you to listen to this week. Our normal Tuesday sermon update and our regular Saturday update are combined this week. This means that the sermons for the week of 9/03/06 are now available and the next in the "Making Wise The Simple" series. This lesson is titled "How Do You Chasten a Scorner?" Enjoy! www.baptist-city.com

We're Back!

We've been on vacation this week and just got back tonight. Since we are always thinking of our friends who visit the site, we did get the Saturday update posted. Music from 9/3/06 and The Art of Punishment, the next in the Making Wise the Simple series are now available.