Up to date again!

We have 6 wonderful sermons ready for you. Four by Bro. Hyles and the next week of sermons from Bro. Schaap's first year as Pastor. They are all great.  We highly recommend that you listen to "Whatever the King Does" by Bro. Hyles.  Then file away in your mind what you have heard, you will need it some day! We also have the gigantic 16 page full color Pastors' School 2007 pamphlet available for you and a link to where you can register on line! www.baptist-city.com

Just when we thought...

Just when we thought we could stay caught up, there was a problem with the masters and the re-release this week of Bro. Hyles' sermons were not delivered. We do have the next week of sermons from Bro. Schaap's first year as our Preacher up and ready for you!! www.baptist-city.com

It Has been a while!!

It has been a while since we have sent out our web update news. We are now up to date and hope to stay that way. We have just made available 8 sermons! Four each by Bro. Schaap and Bro. Hyles. We want to give our email subscribers a little explanation as to what has been going on. This explanation will not appear on the site it self. Hyles Publications has changed the permission that they had previously granted us for posting the sermons. After a month of negotiating, we are now able to continue posting Bro. Hyles' sermons each week as they are re-released. They have given permission to post Bro. Schaap's sermons, but not in the same year they are preached. So, until October of 2007, we will be re-posting older sermons by Bro. Schaap each week as "Sermons of the Week" like we do with Bro. Hyles. Once we reach October, we will start posting where we left off with the 2006 sermons and continue, with "new" sermons on the site each week. Until October of 2007 we will be posting the sermons from 2001, Bro. Schaap's first year as our Preacher. We hope you will enjoy reliving our first year with "Preacher"!!

Caught up!

We are up to date with the weekly re-release of sermons by Bro. Hyles. There is a lot of tremendous preaching for you! We are very excited about something we will be starting with our mid-week update this week. We will be reprising the sermons from Bro. Schaap's first year as our Pastor.  You will find them on the front page as the Sermons of the Week as well as on the Weekly by Dr. Schaap page in the Listen section. We look forward to bringing you these exciting sermons!

This week...

We have the music from the services of 12/03/06 for you as well as the next in the "Making Wise the Simple" series, "How To Live a Long and Happy Life". The Christmas issue of "The Voice" is also available for you. Enjoy! www.baptist-city.com

Christmas has arrived!

Christmas has arrived at Baptist City!  Be sure to stop by and listen to some of our favorite Christmas sermons and Christmas music!   We have also posted the next in the "Making Wise The Simple" series.

Thanksgiving Weekend

We have the music from 11/19/06 for you. The last song is "Bow the Knee" sung by our teen choir and was used to prepare the people for the message by Bro. Schaap. Preacher had them sing it again after the sermon as the invitation song. It was a very powerful service, probably over 80% of the people were on their knees during the invitation. We also have Getting Started Right, the next in the Making Wise the Simple series for you. www.baptist-city.com

Back to normal...

Well, almost. We have our regular Saturday update featuring music from the services of 11/12/06 and the next in the Making Wise the Simple series, How to Teach Your Child a Game Plan. We are still working to resolve our technical issues with the current weekly sermon files.