Rest on the Words of the King

Four amazing sermons for the week of March 4, 2007 are now available for your listening and learning pleasure! We hope you will be able to join us at Pastors' School which starts on Monday 3/19/07. For those of you who can't be there we will be posting a synopsis of the days events and also pictures every night when we get home. I suspect that the updates will be available by midnight each evening.We will start with Sunday, the day before Pastors' School but the beginning of our spring program. Be sure to check in every day so you can be a part of this wonderful event!

Late, but worth the wait!

We are a little late this week as we were out of town on business. The great sermons are worth the wait. I am really enjoying the weekly sermons by Bro. Hyles. They are now re-releasing the sermons from the time that I started receiving the weekly tapes back in 1976. It is wonderful remembering the titles and then hearing them again. "Truth Crushed To Earth Will Rise Again" will thrill and encourage you. Give it a listen! The newest issue of "The Voice" is available as well. We do plan on getting our normal weekend update completed and available this evening. Pastors' School starts in a little over a week. We hope to meet many of you there!

The world still follows Hitler

The following article is very frightening folks. Germany and Europe are still following the education policies initiated by Hitler.  Home schooling is illegal. Children that are home schooled are being removed from their families and placed in psychiatric wards. While you may not home school your children, you should be very alarmed that around the world and coming also to the U.S.A, is the doctrine that children have the right to an education, and that education must come from the government.  Think about it folks and wake up!!!!

A "Must" Listen!

We have just done our weekend update to the site. The music from the services of 2/25/07 is now available. We have also posted the next in the Making Wise The Simple series. We strongly suggest that all parents, teenagers and young adults listen to this one. It is entitled "Practical Ways to Guard Your Purity". Enough said?

Be prepared...

Get ready to get very angry and very frightened. Don't get me wrong, what this guy is accused of is despicable, but the government allowing this kind of "evidence" to be used is beyond belief!