About the weekly audio sermons

Some technical problems have come up that will cause a delay in posting of our weekly audio sermon  files. We hope to resolve these issues in the near future. We hope you will continue to enjoy the many other features of our site!

I had planned...

I planned on having the Tuesday night update done tonight (Friday), but that won't happen.  I have been in Phoenix, AZ all week on business and was due to return home tonight. I arrived at the airport 3 hours early and sat at the gate until departure time. The plane was there, the board said It would be on time. 15 minutes after scheduled departure nobody from the airline had arrived at the gate, I noticed people with computers were packing up and leaving.  Someone said the flight was canceled.  I got my computer out and checked the flight on the Internet and sure enough it was canceled. Wasn't until 30 minutes later they actually announced it at the gate. I hope to get home tomorrow. I don't know if I'll get home early enough to do the update.  We may have 2 updates next week to catch up, or maybe one HUGE one.

Great Preaching!

Hi Friends, The four sermons from October 22, 2006 are now available on our site for you. "Running with the Crowd" by Dr. Hyles is a must listen! (As are all of the rest!!) We have finally got our latest MP3 preaching CDs available. Actually there are two of them, # 13 and #14!!  You can view an index of each CD on the site. www.baptist-city.com

Massive Weekend Update!

We were out of town on business all week, so our Tuesday and Saturday updates have been combined this week. Patch the Pirate (Ron Hamilton) visited First Baptist last Sunday. You will hear him singing several songs in the music from the services of 10/22/05. A bonus for you is a recording of a Patch The Pirate program he put on for our 6 o'clock hour meeting just prior to the evening service. Bro. Schaap said that it was the biggest 6 o'clock hour service attendance that we have ever had! We have pictures of the Christian Womanhood Spectacular and also Patch the Pirate on the site for your enjoyment. In addition to the above, the four great sermons from 10/15/06 are also available for you at www.baptist-city.com

News and Sermons

Sad for us but great for him, Dr. Carl Laurent went to Heaven this morning. I can just see he and Bro. Hyles having a wonderful time trying to out wise-crack each other!  The commencement service will be Saturday 10/21/06. Waiting for you at www.baptist-city.com are the four sermons from 10/08/06 and a new issue of "The Voice". Enjoy!

On Track again!

Guess what friends? It is Tuesday evening and our weekly sermon update is complete! Be sure to listen to "How To Rear a Bum" for classic Bro. Hyles! The four sermons for October 1, 2006 are now ready! For those of you that may not have noticed, we are maintaining the weekly sermons on the web site much longer now. Our goal is to have one year of sermons by Bro. Schaap and Bro. Hyles online all of the time. Currently all of the sermons from 2006 are up. In January of 2007 we will remove the January 2006 sermons, in February we will remove the February 2006 sermons, etc. We hope you will enjoy having this great resource available to you! www.baptist-city.com