The four sermons for the week of 1/28/07 are up and waiting for you! How fitting that both sermons by Bro. Hyles are "classic" Bro. Hyles. The anniversary of his promotion to Heaven was 2/6/07. There are also two great sermons from Bro. Schaap's first year as our Preacher,

Dr. Tom Williams

We have the sermons for the week of 1/21/07 ready for you. We had a treat last Sunday. Dr. Tom Williams taught the Auditorium Class in Sunday School! We wanted you all to be able to hear this giant of the faith and you can hear him preach the Sunday School lesson on our home page for a limited time!

First sermons of 2007!

We have our first sermons supplied for the year 2007 available now. All four are wonderful!  Remember, we now have an entire year of sermons by Bro. Hyles and Bro. Schapp online now. Remember that when you go to the Weekly By Dr. Hyles or Dr. Schaap pages.  We are updating one week at a time on those pages, so the first sermons on the page are from 1/07/07 and the next is from 1/08/06. Next week 1/08/06 will be replaced by 1/14/07, etc. Enjoy some great preaching this week!